La identidad, el comportamiento del ser humano y sus porqués, son el origen y el eje fundamental alrededor del cual gira mi obra. Planteo preguntas con una voluntad de diálogo o de libre interpretación por el espectador, según su historia y vivencias.


Para dar una visión más próxima a los sentimientos y emociones, utilizo la figura humana de forma abstracta, representando el cuerpo como el concepto que quiero transmitir, y no como la figura en sí.


Cuando estoy pintando un cuadro, surgen momentos claves, fortuitos, el cuadro vibra, se expande, funciona por sí solo. Puede que esté inacabado, pero he dado con lo que buscaba, dándolo por finalizado. Mi intención es transmitir. La técnica la considero un vehículo para llegar a su esencia, lo que explica que deje muchas veces los cuadros inacabados, con los errores o el proceso visto. Considero que existe una gran belleza en la imperfección. Nos hace más humanos.


Con un estilo realista-figurativo, y con la intención de desnudar el proceso creativo, trabajo principalmente con óleo  sobre lino, el cual, al quedar visible como si fuese su piel, forma parte del cuadro.



The identity, the behavior of the human being and his reasons to be, are the origin and the fundamental axis around which my work revolves. I set questions out with a willingness to dialogue and let the viewer to interpret it according to his background and experiences.


To give a closer view of feelings and emotions, I use the human figure in an abstract way, representing the body as the concept that I want to convey, and not as the figure itself.


When I am painting, Key and fortuitous moments arise that cause the painting to vibrate, expand, and work by itself. It may be unfinished, but thus I find what I was looking for, ending it. My intention is to transmit. I consider the technique a vehicle to reach its essence. This is the main reason why most of my painting are unfinished, "errors" can be discerned on them or the process wide opened. I consider that there is great beauty in imperfection. It makes us more human.


With a realistic-figurative style and with the intention of stripping the creative process, I do work on linen, which, being visible as if it was its skin, is part of the picture.





I studied Interior Architecture at the School of Decorative Arts in Madrid, working as a decorator until 2006, when I left the decoration to dedicate myself completely to painting.


Being self-taught, I begin exhibiting as an emerging artist at Sotheby's, as well as at the International Contemporary Art Fairs Montichiari, in Italy, or Artenin, in France, at the hand of Gaudí Gallery ( Madrid).

After 4 years exhibiting in galleries, fairs, public spaces and cultural centers, in 2010 I decided to retire temporarily and embark on a deep study of realistic technique.


For 5 years I enriched my technique with painters such us Poul Carvajal, a profound researcher who taught me to combine the most traditional technique of Renaissance painting of the Grand Masters with the latest technological advances applied to painting ( photography and airbrush). With his adrress Imade my first realistic exhibition in the USB Bank of Madrid. On the other hand, and due to my great interest in body expression, I decided to expand my studies with the realist painter Aldo Bahamonde who helped me to express the psychology of my characters through the humen figure. Later, I focused my interest in the portrait being Ismael Fuentes, a professor at the Arauco Foundation (Madrid).


In 2011, I was selected for participating at the "Francisco de Goya Art Chair" taught by the master Antonio Lopez, who chooses one of my works to be part of the "Caja de Ávila" collection. In 2012 I was selected again to participate in the "Albacete Extraordinary Art Chair", also taught by the master Antonio Lopez. In 2013, I made a painting workshop in the "Pons Foundation", in Madrid, with the realistic painter, Golucho. All these workshop gave me the opportunity to analyse my work and com out with very renewed ideas.


In 2015 I started working in the exhibition "Sombras y Luz", that I presented in june 2017 to closed circle of friends. One of the painting of this exhibition, "Impermanencia", was selected in March 2017 at the "Reina Sofia Painting Prize and Sculture", participating in the exhibition of the selected ones in Casa de Vacas of the Buen retiro Park in Madrid.

In May 2018, I started to be part of the artists represented by the Luisa Catucci Gallery, located in Berlin.




luisa Catucci Gallery

Germany , Berlin






  • Luisa Catucci Gallery. Berlin. Collective exhibition "Imperceptible Echoes"
  • Art Verona Fair. Verona, Italy. luisa Catucci Gallery.
  • Represented by the Luisa Catucci Gallery. Berlin. ( Work exhibited in Artsy.net​)


  • Selected in the "Reina Sofia Painting and Sculture Award". Exhibition of the awarded work and selected in the  "Casa de Vacas of the Buen Retiro Park". Madrid, Spain.
  • Exhibition "Shadows and Light". Galery-studio Carlos Molto. Madrid, Spain. Individual Exhibition


  • Pons Fundation. Madrid.Spain. Workshop given by the painter Golucho.


  • "Extraordinary Art Chair of Albacete" taught by the master Antonio Lopez. Albacete. Spain.


  •  "Francisco de Goya's Art Chair" taught by the master Antonio lopezArtwork selected to be part of the Caja de Avila collection. Avila. Spain.


  • USB BANK. Madrid. Sapin. Individual exhibition.
  • Caja Rural Toledo. Toledo. Individual exhibition.


  • The America's Art Museum. Miami. Colective exhibition.
  • AME ( Association of emerging women). Casa do Brasil. Madrid, Spain. Colective exhibition.
  • Global Art Gallery. Barcelona, spain. Colective exhibition.
  • Skimo Art Gallery. Madrid, Spain. Colective exhibition.
  • Skimo Art Gallery. Madrid, Spain. Individual exhibition.
  • Goya Auctions. Madrid, Spain.  ​     

​        2008

  • Aurea Classroom Space. Complutense University. Madrid, Spain. Collective exhibition.
  • Campos de Retana Gallery. Madrid, Spain. Collective exhibition.
  • FAIM. Independent Artists Fair. Madrid, Spain.
  • Perioncely Gallery. Madrid, Spain. Collective exhibition.
  • Galileo Cultural Center. Madrid, Spain. Individual exhibition.
  • San Agustín del Guadalix Center. Madrid, Spain. Individual exhibition.
  • Monastery of Rocamador. Badajoz, Spain. Individual exhibition.


  • Sotheby´s. "Young Artist and new collectors". Madrid, Spain. Collective exhibition.
  • Gaudí Gallery. Madrid, Spain. Individual exhibition.


  • Artenim. International Fair of Contemporary Art. Grenoble, France.
  • Expoarte Citta de Montichiari. Contemporary Art Fair. Brescia, Italy.







  • FIART Foundation. Course of Marketing of the Artist, given by Juan Curto. Madrid.


  • Art Academy of Barcelona. Painting workshop "The Portrait", given by the painters Ismael Fuentes, Michael Siegel y Jordi Diaz Alama. .
  • Course"Enfoques", Prado Museum. Madrid.
  • Course "The  Resurrecction of the El Greco", fourth centenary, Prado Museum. Madrid.


  • Anual Cicle of Conferences, "From the Realism to Impressionism". Prado Museum. Madrid.


  • Course "Velazquez, last portraits", taught by Javier Portus. Museo del Prado. Madrid.
  • Pons Fundation. Painting workshop given by the artist Golucho. Madrid.
  • Circle of Fine Arts. Drawing and painting work shop. Madrid.


  • Arauco Fundation. Professor Ismael Fuentes. Estudy of drawing and painting."The Portrait". Madrid ( 2012-13 )
  • "Extraordinary Chair of  Albacete"  given by the teacher Antonio Lopez. Albacete.


  • "Francisco de Goya Chair" given by the teacher Antonio Lopez. Ávila.
  • Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando. Workshop of casting and reproduction-Sculture. Madrid.


  • Artístic anatomy, modeling, emptying. Sculture worshop. Madrid.
  • La Fábrica Academy Ombiquo. Photography course. Madrid.


  • Academy of the painter  Aldo Bahamonde. Study of drawing and painting. Madrid.


  • Academy Precepto Art, Art y Comunicaction. Professor Poul Carvajal. Study os drawing and painting.  Madrid.


  • Higher Institute of Art. IART. "Course of purchase , sale and investiment of contemporary art". Madrid.


  • Academy of painting Arcadia, study of drawing and painting. Madrid.


  •  Ilustration and drawing course in the University of North Caroline. EEUU.


  • Interior Architecture in The Scool of Decorative Arts. Madrid.